måndag 8 oktober 2018

Home sweet home - and a crasched PC...

My PC descided that enough was enough and just shut down during a windows update. And, of cause, the entire thing just crasched next time I tried to boot it up.

So, one reset later and I'm back to zero again. All my games, all my save files was lost. And since I have a mobile connection to the internet I can't download everything at once. That means that I have to change my plans for the month of October and find some new games to play.

My first part of the Halloween-specials will be a first look at Home Sweet Home - the demo. The game has been out since september last year, but the demo is still available for free on steam. I'll put a link here if you like to try it out for yourself. The game is quite unique in that it's made by a Thai Indie-studio and based on Thai myths and legends.

Even though the game has a unique premise, it still feels a bit like PT, with long, winding corridors and doors and a ghost that will chase you if she finds you. All in all, a quite scary game this far even though I'm quite sure that the re-play value is fairly low. I still like it, and I will make a few more videos about the game later on. So, here you go. A first impression of Home Sweet Home;

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